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DUIIs affect your livelihood if driving a car is required for your job.  DUIIs are highly technical cases to try for the prosecution which requires an experienced DUII criminal defense trial attorney well versed in Oregon law and presenting a defense in front of a jury.  For a DUII case to be effectively defended by a criminal defense lawyer, the attorney must understand the technical issues of field sobriety tests (FSTs), the breathalyzer, and search and seizure law.  The pseudo-science of “standardized” FSTs requires a lot of practice and application in the field for the tests to be implemented and administered correctly. We know how to analyze police reports to spot critical mistakes that could result in a dismissal of your case outright or by motion to suppress.  We know how to effectively cross-examine officers.

We have successfully investigated cases resulting in outright dismissals and tried cases in front of juries resulting in not guilty verdicts in both municipal and circuit courts statewide.

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