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General Criminal Defense

General Criminal Defense: Municipal Court and Circuit Court

Our firm handles municipal court and circuit court criminal defense matters, including, but not limited to DUIIs, Reckless Driving, offenses involving alcohol (Minor in Possession, Open Container, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Noise Violations, Furnishing Alcohol, Shoplifting, etc.)

Be aware that municipal courts have many unique procedures and having an experienced attorney involved from the beginning can make a difference in bail forfeiture, fines, pleas, and dismissals.  Don’t attempt to enter into a prosecutor’s “one-time deal” without seeking competent legal advice on how that deal affects other areas of your life such as on-going employment, licenses, right to carry a firearm, right to volunteer at your child’s school, and driving privileges.  

A thorough investigation can often make or break the case.  At Arnold Law, our team is experienced in analyzing police reports to find critical mistakes in investigations that can result in favorable plea negotiations and outright dismissals of charges. In our experience, the most candid remarks from potential witnesses come before the state has had multiple opportunities to interrogate and prepare witnesses.  

When your liberty is in jeopardy due to a pending criminal matter, you need to retain a competent attorney who will give your case the immediate attention you need in order to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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