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Major Felony Defense

If you or a loved one are facing a major felony charge in state or federal court (Measure 11, Felony Assault, Rape, Sex Abuse, Sodomy, Child Pornography, Strangulation, Coercion, Kidnapping, etc.), call us immediately for a consultation to protect your rights or those of your loved one.  Under our constitution, an accused person is innocent unless proven guilty. The question is not whether or not you committed the crime. The question is whether or not the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. If the accused is in custody, REMAIN SILENT.  All phone calls are recorded. Tell your loved one to tell any investigators that they want to speak with an attorney and to say nothing else to law enforcement. No exceptions.

Time is of the essence in these cases.  The government has a wide array of resources (law enforcement, investigators, prosecutors, labs).  Weather and time deteriorate crime scenes and memories. Early and aggressive investigation and defense representation can and does make a difference in the outcome.  We aggressively investigate your case and immediately assign a skilled investigator speak to witnesses. Our goals are a dismissal or “no file” as quickly as possible. If that cannot be achieved, we prepare your cases for trial in order to be in the best position to quickly settle the case if the opportunity arises and the settlement is satisfactory to you.  We do NOT take exorbitant flat fees and then pressure you to take a deal as quickly as possible. We work our cases and fight for our clients. While we are preparing your case, we are exploring mitigation issues to present to challenge any plea offers or sentencing recommendations by the state. We also work with other experts to assist in negotiations, such as drug and alcohol treatment specialists, psychological evaluations, etc.  

If the case must proceed to trial, our attorneys will challenge the state’s evidence.  We are skilled in criminal motions practice through motions to exclude, motions to suppress, and keeping out unlawful confessions.  We exhaust the research on the legal issues unique to your case and develop a trial strategy that will challenge the legal sufficiency of the evidence.  For example, if there was a suggestive photo identification or other eye witness problem, we challenge that evidence with identification bias experts. Our experience in developing trial strategy with you and with specific experts may make the difference between a simple swearing contest between witnesses and reasonable doubt that results in a not guilty verdict.

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