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Student Conduct Hearings

Our attorneys at Arnold Law have pioneered the defense of false university sexual assault accusations in Oregon.  The process is broken and is discriminatory against men in violation of Title IX. Due Process rights are denied and students without the means to appeal unjust expulsions are forced to leave the University which means an end to most avenues for obtaining a higher education and certainly can have an effect on a student’s future employment prospects.

The university systems in Oregon have taken on the nanny state role that any legal slight or accusation becomes subject to a student conduct process that is punitive and largely a due process farce.  Attorneys are often not allowed to speak for our student client and actively examine witnesses and evidence during the hearing. However, having one our attorneys with you during the hearing can help successfully guide you through the hearing and ensure that you have an opportunity to present your case.  Additionally, remember that formal criminal charges by a state prosecutor can be brought based on what you say and the evidence presented during the university hearing process. Don’t let the university have all of the control, hire an attorney to demand a fair hearing and protect you during the process.

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