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About Us

Arnold Law Practice Philosophy

You don’t need just any lawyer. You need a trial lawyer capable of providing you with straight talk and powerful advocacy.  At Arnold Law you can count on working closely with an experienced attorney and assigned staff member committed to achieving a successful outcome on your case.  We are not “bargain-seeking” attorneys, we are trial attorneys. We know that good settlements are never a gift. We earn them through powerful advocacy and aggressive preparation.  

Candor and Trust Is a Two-Way Street with Us

It is vital that you feel comfortable with and trust the attorney you choose to work with.  You are going to be in a position where the details of your situation, often those of a very personal and difficult nature, will need to be fully disclosed to us so that we can candidly advise you on your legal options.  Importantly, if your case cannot be settled, depending on the county your case is filed in, we may be working together 6 to 18 months before a trial is held. Our commitment to you up front is that if we don’t believe we can accomplish your goals, we are going to tell you that immediately so that you can seek representation elsewhere or work together with us to restructure those goals to still achieve an outcome that you can be satisfied with.  

Preparation Is the Key

At our firm, our lawyers don’t just dabble in occasional litigation. We are experienced trial attorneys throughout the State of Oregon.  We prepare for every case as if it is going to trial even if our ultimate goal is to achieve a settlement. This way, we can plan for every contingency as the case unfolds so that there are no surprises and, importantly, so that you can make the best-informed decisions quickly if an opportunity arises to resolve the case prior to trial.  

Cutting Edge Use of Experts

Our team has developed a network of highly skilled third-party experts and trusted investigators over the last 20 years.  Due to the breadth of our practice areas (complex divorce, major felony criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury work), we have relationships with experts in many fields.  For example, we have used bio-mechanical accident reconstruction experts we know from our personal injury litigation cases to assist in felony criminal defense matters resulting in dismissal of all criminal charges. We also use business valuators and forensic CPAs from our complex divorce cases in personal injury cases to testify to loss of earning capacity and damage to business goodwill due to inability to work from injuries.  We also have used forensic psychologists as experts to testify to issues of confirmation bias in investigations. We have utilized former Department of Human Services caseworkers to assist in strategic long-term custody and parenting time planning for disabled parents and children. The cross-collateral resources we have developed and utilize are important because they maximize favorable settlement results, steer the case towards beneficial outcomes, and win trials.

A Law Firm of the Right Size

Arnold Law’s structure allows us to give each case the appropriate resources that you deserve.  If your primary goals are to save costs, we assign an experienced associate attorney to handle your case day-to-day, while still giving you the security of knowing that Jacy Arnold is still overseeing the associate’s work and guiding the case strategy through status meetings with the associate.  

For more complex cases, two attorneys may be assigned to the case, a senior attorney and an associate.  This gives you many advantages that other firms cannot offer you. The senior attorney is your primary contact and hearing/trial attorney.  The associate attorney can work up pleadings, oversee discovery completion, answer daily/weekly status calls and emails, and seek instructions from the senior attorney that keeps the case moving forward at reduced rates when the senior attorney may be unavailable in another pending trial.  Having two informed attorneys on the case increases efficiency and results in expedited outcomes through settlements, ultimately, saving you money.

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