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Divorce (General and Complex)

General Divorce

A divorce is definitely one of the most unpleasant events to happen in anyone’s life.  Your world understandably seems to be falling apart whether you are the party that wants the divorce or the party that does not.  At Arnold Law, we understand that when you come to us, your thoughts are racing due to the uncertainty of what the outcome and future will be.  We often see clients in a state of situational anxiety that is affecting their daily life activities simply because the parties have physically separated, need to physically separate, and/or the “divorce” word has been thrown out there and the process has begun.  Getting answers from our experienced team can alleviate the uncertainty and give you strategic options to formulate an outcome in advance. We want you to focus on your on-going jobs, building your business, being the best parent you can be, getting meals on the table, and the household chores done while we focus on the legal necessities to get your matter completed as efficiently as possible so you can move forward.

The attorneys at Arnold Law believe that the best result for any divorce client is to achieve an amicable settlement of the case which our clients are satisfied with.  If that is not possible, our attorneys are trial attorneys experienced and comfortable in the courtroom. We will work with you to plan the case trial strategy to maximize a successful outcome in court.

Complex Divorce

When marriages are dissolved it involves the breaking down of not just relationships but the disentanglement of long-held assets. For example, often times, closely-held family businesses are involved.  Not all lawyers are experienced to handle high-asset dissolutions. It requires a high level of sophistication and expertise to prepare, plan, settle, or try high-asset divorces.  Arnold Law also has knowledge and experience in working with experts to value businesses and in organizing buyouts of closely-held corporations without affecting business productivity or necessary vital income streams.

Often times, in our experience, we encounter situations where there is an obvious inequitable balance of the business sophistication of the parties (one worked in the business and one worked as a homemaker) or a complete lack of understanding by one party of what marital assets are involved (one party controlled all of the finances with the future promise of economic security into retirement.)  Once we gain knowledge of the case through discovery, we strategize with the client on how to educate the other party in a way that brings them to the table to achieve a satisfactory settlement for our client without extreme actions of liquidating businesses, selling homes, cashing out retirements, and/or engaging in a costly trial if it is not necessary.

If the case presents obstacles along the way, our team has experience in obtaining immediate temporary injunctive relief if one party’s behavior is hindering the on-going day-to-day necessary business functions and/or affecting business goodwill.

Suspect Hidden Assets or Have Cash-Based Incomes?  Our trial lawyers’ have experience in finding and recovering hidden assets around the country and across the world. This expertise has also enabled us to look for money, trace the origin and legacy of funds, and in projecting an estimated value of assets and/or marital waste of assets by one party.  Proving and establishing cash-based incomes can cause an inequitable outcome between parties if you don’t have an experienced attorney.  Fair results in such situations are possible only if the attorney you hire has enough experience in dealing with voluminous records and bank transactions.  The attorneys at Arnold Law have an eye for recognizing inconsistencies in bank accounts and giving attention to detail in analyzing account transactions, issuing third-party subpoenas and tracking payments for expenses to prove income.

Military Divorce

Our team handles military divorces.  Divorce cases that involve military families need even more intense and sophisticated lawyers because military divorces involve specialized knowledge of each military branch and what benefits each branch, servicemember rank, and level hold.  We are familiar with the rules and navigation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). We stay current on the cases across the country that interpret and make divorce decisions that involve the SCRA. We have a network of former military personnel that we use as consultants on our complex cases to ensure that our clients, whether servicemember or spouse, get a fair result in retirement divisions and on-going support awards. This is an area that requires specificity and attention to detail in the precise wording of divorce judgments and even modifications of such.  Our team can successfully negotiate these cases with you and achieve enforceable judgments.

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